Success Story – Carol

Carol landed at Clearwater Nursing and Rehabilitation after a severe and sudden decline in her medical status. When she arrived at our facility, Carol was dependent on care, struggled to walk and required extensive assistance to mentally put the pieces together. After numerous doctors’ appointments, extensive nursing care and therapy, Carol is finally gaining her life back. Carol spent months wondering if she would be strong enough or healthy enough to discharge back to her farm and return to her normal life. Carol has worked so hard to gain the strength, cognition, and her overall health back. Carol is back to walking along with many other tasks that she was unable to do upon arrival. Carol takes pride in assisting with her discharge plans and keeping everything in order having lost that for a short while. We are so proud of her and cannot wait for her to get back to everything that is important to her. We will miss you Carol but wish you the absolute best.

Carol S. We Will Miss You & Good Luck